Industrial Oil Products

Based in Youngstown, Ohio, Everclear of Ohio, Ltd., offers a variety of oil-related products and services to individuals and businesses in Youngstown and surrounding areas. Everclear sells a wide array of motor oil and lubricants for various purposes, from automotive to heavy machinery, each scientifically formulated and priced affordably. In addition to the motor oil for which it is best known, Everclear produces and distributes industrial-level fuel oil made from used oil feedstock. Furthermore, Everclear manages and operates a large-scale oil and wastewater recycling and disposal program for businesses, with a fleet of vacuum trucks, railcars, and even river barges that pick up used oil and transport it to the refinery.

Everclear of Ohio develops its high-quality motor oil and lubricants from recycled oil, reformulated and refined to suit a variety of needs. With Everclear bar and chain lubricant, chainsaws last longer; the lubricant protects equipment from rust and corrosion and gives it a high tackiness that reduces sling, as well as lubricity to maintain an overall low temperature. Everclear industrial fuel oil uses engineered fuel oils as a cost-effective means to manage industrial fueling, with a high carbon content and BTU value and a low amount of sulfur and a low pour point. Furthermore, Everclear motor oil is produced with high-quality petroleum feedstock, allowing car engines to run more smoothly in a broad range of temperatures and cutting down on oxidation and the buildup of deposits.

Everclear of Ohio, Ltd., runs an efficient and far-reaching recycling operation for used oil and metalworking fluids. Everclear accepts used crankcase oil, diesel fuel, hydraulic oil, motor oil, coolants, water-soluble oils, petroleum-contaminated water, and gear oil. Depending on distance and accessibility, Everclear can pick up anywhere from 50 gallons using vacuum trucks to 25,000 gallons using railcars; in fact, the company can transport up to 25,000 barrels through the use of river barges. Everclear provides excellent customer service and implements an effective pick-up scheduling system, coordinating with drivers to ensure the removal of liquid waste in a quick and orderly manner.